Testing… Android App


Four days in to our vacation in Mammoth Lakes and it’s heaven here (if you love mountains and the outdoors). Woke up this morning for some fly fishing on the Upper Owen River, now heading for a massage. Later gondola ride to summit of Mammoth Mountain and dinner date with MaineMan. Our pup Agnes has had a blast too.


About Moni

Lover of life, singer of songs and soon-to-be creator of pretty things. I'm a former digital media editor who's launching a clothing line in 2018. When I'm not wife-ing and mom-ing, I'm walking the dog, drinking wine (or tequila) and planning future camping trips. And thrifting, binging on true crime shows, and wishing I was SUP-ing somewhere along the Pacific coast.
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2 Responses to Testing… Android App

  1. It worked! And I’m utterly jealous. Looks and sounds like a fantastic time.

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