Top 10 Essentials for the New Vegetarian

We recently had drinks with friends and MarineMom was excited to tell me she’d cut out red meat from her diet.

“That’s awesome!!! You can totally do it!”

“I’m a little nervous, it’s only been three days, but I don’t eat that much meat anyway,” she said.

“I’m so happy. You’ll be able to do it no problem. I was the opposite. I LOVED steak and I could still do it,” I said.

“You kind of inspired me so thank you!” she added with a big smile.

“That’s so awesome. Yay! I was inspired, too, by a friend from New York,” I said, remembering my pow-wows with Winette. She would insist on me ordering steak, meat and seafood, despite her being a 100% vegetarian (I still eat fish, so technically I’m a pescetarian). If she’s reading this I think she’ll be thrilled to know I’m spreading the love.

I assured MarineMom her life was not ending and that she’d still be able to eat heartily and happily without steaks and burgers. She told me her husband kept saying, “Well I’m not gonna do it!” And I told her of course you can’t expect that, or want that. I never pressured MaineMan to eat like I do, but through osmosis he’s just begun to eat less meat and he’s fine with it.

In honor of a new friend going meatless, I decided to do a little slideshow of some of my basic vegetarian meals/supplies from the grocery store. You don’t need to be a master chef to go vegetarian, but a few basics will help if you’re interested. Even if you’re not, maybe try and join in on Meatless Monday (if Mario Batali can do it, so can you) and pick up some of these fun products to consume once a week instead of chicken and/or beef.

I buy some of these items at Costco and some at my local grocery. I’m sure you’ll be able to find some version of them in your neck of the woods.

Happy vegetarian eating! Click on a few recipes below the slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

*Vegetarian chili recipe, Zone version

*Eggplant parmesan recipe, Food52

*Beet salad recipe, Jennifer Spaide’s recipe of Simplicious Magazine

*Freekeh recipe sample


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Lover of life, singer of songs and soon-to-be creator of pretty things. I'm a former digital media editor who's launching a clothing line in 2018. When I'm not wife-ing and mom-ing, I'm walking the dog, drinking wine (or tequila) and planning future camping trips. And thrifting, binging on true crime shows, and wishing I was SUP-ing somewhere along the Pacific coast.
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5 Responses to Top 10 Essentials for the New Vegetarian

  1. Laura says:

    Thanks Mon! I’ve gone veggie for Lent. It hasn’t been too tough so far and I’m losing weight!

  2. monasapple says:

    that’s awesome, laur! good for you. shoot… it’s lent? doh. maybe i should try and cut out fish.

  3. Kim says:

    Thanks Mon! Love getting ideas to help me along:) I think I’ll break down and try the morning star stuff! Definitely have to try that eggplant parmesan too! WooHoo…

  4. monasapple says:

    you should! i think even rob would be surprised at how good their veggie sausage tastes. other companies try to do them and they don’t taste half as good as morningstar so make sure you buy their brand :) veggie burgers can be tough, but we really like those chipotle bean ones.

  5. Danica says:

    I gave up meat for Lent two years ago and it really wasn’t that hard. This year I gave up dairy which has proved more challenging. I noticed more physical changes giving up dairy over giving up meat so it might be something I stick with past the 40 days.

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